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  • In the Jizerske Mountains protected area, in Josefův Důl...Slider1
  • ...in pleasant neighbourhood with a large garden a mountain chalet Bludička is situated.Slider1
  • During summer you can relax at the swimming pool or enjoy many bycicle paths.Slider1
  • In winter you must visit the chalet for sure. Bludička and Josefův Důl surroundings are picturesque in winter time...Slider1
  • Kilometers of treated cross country ski tracks are at your disposal...Slider1
  • ....and favourite ski resorts Bukovka, Lucifer or Tanvaldský Špičák and others too.Slider1
  • The chalet interior is newly adapted. Kitchen offers any equipment you could imagine.Slider1
  • An in the saloon you can have a glass of wine with your friends...Slider1
  • ...or take a rest after a long day in one of five rooms with with private bathroom.Slider1

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Content was created in cooperation with DaEnd.cz and also Suricata travel agency. Suricata Travel offers accommodation in major Europe cities. If you are not going to explore the beauty of Jizera with us in Josefuv Dul, you can try accommodation in Prague, Rome, Barcelona or Brussels apartments accommodation with Suricata Travel.

Clients and guests

We definitely want to thank our guests and clients that remain faithful and happy to return to our cottage Bludicka. Their satisfaction is our best reward and motivation for further improvement of services at chalet Bludicka.