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  • In the Jizerske Mountains protected area, in Josefův Důl...Slider1
  • ...in pleasant neighbourhood with a large garden a mountain chalet Bludička is situated.Slider1
  • During summer you can relax at the swimming pool or enjoy many bycicle paths.Slider1
  • In winter you must visit the chalet for sure. Bludička and Josefův Důl surroundings are picturesque in winter time...Slider1
  • Kilometers of treated cross country ski tracks are at your disposal...Slider1
  • ....and favourite ski resorts Bukovka, Lucifer or Tanvaldský Špičák and others too.Slider1
  • The chalet interior is newly adapted. Kitchen offers any equipment you could imagine.Slider1
  • An in the saloon you can have a glass of wine with your friends...Slider1
  • ...or take a rest after a long day in one of five rooms with with private bathroom.Slider1

Trip tips, activities


Just within Josefův Důl, several ski lifts can be used during winter season (e.g. Bukovka premises ca. 10 min. of walk from the cottage), a Špičák skiing area is located ca. 2 miles away (with a new 4-chair lift), there is aSeverák/Semerink resort located in the opposite direction and a Bedřichov resort ca. 8 miles away. More information about these resorts including the web photos can be found here.

Lovers of cross-country skiing will certainly welcome a connection to Jizerska main line with variety of cross-country skiing tracks.


During these seasons, some of the many marked-up bicycle routes can be used . take the advantage of Josefův Důl convenient location in a center of Jizerski Mountains and set out for some of the more or less demanding biking tracks. The routes are perfectly marked up and described in the bicycle-route maps; we will gladly give advice right on the spot.

You can set out for hikes of various intensity all the year round . within a close vicinity of Josefův Důl you can for instance visit Valley of Jedlový Creek with beautiful waterfalls, to climb up into an area called Hell with boulders and bedrocks spread around, or to set out for Josefodolska Dam Reservoir that is the largest in Jizerské Mountains and supplies drinking water for far-reaching vicinity.

You can play squash, tennis, bowling, etc. in the nearby Jablonec nad Nisou.

Later on after a hectic day, you can go on to relax in the Aqua Centers in Jablonec nad Nisou or Liberec.